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Pokhara- Nepal

A lavish 8-hour bus journey later and we arrived in Pokhara from Kathmandu. It cost 2500 Nepalese Rupees ($25), this was a lot for the journey, but the bus was so comfortable with leather reclining seats where you could stretch your full legs out the whole way. There were other busses and modes of public transport that were a lot cheaper. However, this was the best option for us at the time. I was drugged up on Nepalese travel sickness tablets, so the journey was rather entertaining for me (I suffer from really bad travel sickness- ironic I know). The scenery throughout the journey was beautifully green with twists and turns around winding roads. When we arrived, we hopped into a taxi and arrived at our hotel which had a lovely view of the lake.

Early in the morning we went down to the lake, with all the boats it looked so peaceful and quaint. The lake was enticing so we decided we had to go across it. We hired paddle boards and we paddled for hours and hours. The blistering red hot sun scorched our skins whilst we were out on the lake. Having sun cream on it eventually did wear off and we paid for the price, but it was worth it. The views of the mountain range were seen from the lake and Mt Fishtail could be seen.

Although Pokhara was quiet and peaceful it was definitely equipped for tourism and had a lively nightlife. There was a wide selection of nice restaurants and bars. On our first night, we found a nice place that had amazing food and had Nepalese dancing occurring. After we found some great bars on the night time. We were recommended this one place called the Busy Bee Cafe and it was entertaining to say the least. A Nepalese heavy rock band was playing, and I have never seen anything like it before and the crowd was crazy. It was definitely an experience.

The next day through walking around the town, we hired a tour guide and driver and the next day we went sightseeing in Pokhara. Seeing waterfalls, exploring bat caves and walking across long suspension bridges. The place was so fresh compared to Kathmandu that the locals called Kathmandu ‘dustmandu’. That day was a solid 40 degrees Celsius with high humidity so trekking around was difficult enough, with no escape from the heat. It was great to see all the sites that Pokhara had to offer, experiencing a different part of Nepal.

On the final day we were there, it was one of the girls 21st birthday so we went paragliding. This experience is indescribable. Somehow, I was the one that had to go first. We went with an amazing company and I naturally felt safe. A drive up to the mountains was nerve wracking for some. With a few steps that turned into a rather fast run, my feet left the ground and we were up in the air. The views were phenomenal, taking in my surroundings. The entire lake, all the hills and greenery in the background and looking up you could see the peaks of the mountains. Truly an unforgettable moment that I would recommend to anyone. Towards the end the instructor performed several tricks, twists and turns. I was practically upside down at one point, making the experience more thrilling. I was asked beforehand if I wanted to do the tricks and I immediately said yes. Some of the others even went through clouds. Sadly, it came to an end and we landed perfectly in the centre of the target. My whole landing was recorded on the go pro and hundreds of photos were taken throughout. It was reasonably priced at 3500 Nepalese Rupees ($35), this was far cheaper than at home and the view was incredible.

Pokhara is definitely a place to visit if you go to Nepal. It’s a great break from the busy capital and many visit for the beautiful scenery and trekking through the mountains. It is definitely a breathing space. The beautiful place has so much to offer and definitely caters for the adrenaline junkies out there.

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