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Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Instantly Malaysia was a pleasant surprise, I was instantly in awe with the incredible skyscrapers dominating the skyline, it was not at all what I expected. Honestly, I did not have many expectations due to the trip being a last-minute decision, meaning I had not done my in-depth research; locating the best sites and things to do around the city. Luckily the modern city has so much to offer and it was not hard to find exciting activities and places to visit. Describing my experience and the photos I had taken do not give the city the justice it deserves.

Attention is immediately drawn towards the Petronas twin towers, dominating Kuala Lumpur’s skyline. This was due to their sheer size and unique look. My favourite place to see the city and the Petronas Towers was from the Kuala Lumpur Tower. Although initially people may think that the Petronas Towers have the best view, I would disagree. The tower was further away from the middle of the city centre so it gave a broader view, including the Petronas Towers. Also, the observation deck was not all glass so the quality of the photos is incredible. The walk up to the tower was exhausting, if I was to do it again I would definitely get the shuttle bus or a taxi. The hot humid air and the burning sun made this steep walk rather difficult. However, it was a hundred percent worth it for the fantastic view. Hitting the tower at my favourite time, I managed to take fantastic photos during the day, hitting a bright sunset and the lighting up of the city in the dark.

Peronas Towers dominating the Kuala Lumpur skyline view from the KL Tower.

The Petronas Towers also gives a great view of the city. The time slots were varied however, it is recommended to book in advance to avoid disappointment, with most slots already taken the day before. First you are taken to the bridge in between the two towers roughly halfway up the tower. After you are taken to the 80th floor of one of the towers, exposed to the great skyline of Kuala Lumpur. The visit was rather fast paced as we were allocated a set amount of time to take photos in each location. Whenever visiting towers in big cities my aim is to always go just before sunset. This means I get photos of the city during the day, catch sight of a beautiful sunset and see the city come alive at night. Although, this does tend to be a popular idea so queues can depend. Luckily at the Petronas towers you can book time slots.

Petronas Towers

Directly next to the towers there is shopping mall Suria KLCC, full of designer shops, normal high street shops and a food court. The air-conditioned building is a perfect escape from the heat and full of great shops. Outside there are some beautiful fountains and during the night time they have a light display with the fountains with music playing. Further along, there is the KLCC aquarium. There were some beautiful creatures to see, showcasing exotic marine life. Right next to this was KLCC Park, a nice calm green space with a fantastic view of the cities sky scrapers.

Water fountains outside the KLCC

During the night Bukit Bitang was the place to be. With lots of shops, food places, bars and clubs. Whilst walking down the street there is some incredible live performances that stole everyone’s attention, accumulating a large crowd. It is impossible not to stop and watch. I was mesmerised by a certain band, all the members were all blind, the talent and the passion behind the music was incredible. Walking along these streets at night made the city come alive, radiating a highly energetic vibe.

Finally, visiting the Batu caves is a must. It does take quite a long time to get there but it is definitely worth it. Firstly, a metro was required to get to the train station, then a train to arrive there. In total, I think it took just over an hour. The caves are guarded by a gold monumental statue of Hindu deity Lord Murugan, which was impressive and radiant. To visit the caves all shoulders and knees must be covered. Bright shawls were offered for a really cheap price to cover up. To enter the caves, you have to climb a lot of steps which are the home to a lot of wild monkeys. They seemed relatively harmless but I was still cautious not letting down my guard despite how cute some of them were.

Batu Caves Entrance

Kuala Lumpur was a pleasant surprise. It is a jam-packed city with a great deal to offer. With the metro service, it is easy to travel throughout the city relatively cheap. The food was great, selling a variety of western food, traditional Malaysian food and Asian food. The shops were modern and glamorous and the places to visit were just remarkable. Visiting Malaysia is definitely recommended.

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