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Hong Kong

From incredible sky scrapers to island hopping. My favourite city of summer 2019.


A  city that has a creative blend of futuristic technology to traditional Japanese culture. 


The most peaceful place with a beautiful lake, hot springs, and a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji!


Vibrant modern Japan with great places to visit! Also mentions a quick trip to Nara to visit the Deers.


A travel blog designed to showcase all my stories about the wonderful places I have visited. Hopefully inspiring others to travel and 'get lost' themselves. I am currently a student studying Psychology in the UK. I love visiting new places and exploring. I wanted to create a travel blog so my family and friends can read about my trips. I hope people enjoy reading about the places I have visited and it inspires them to visit new places themselves. The whole theme of the blog was about getting lost due to my bad sense of direction but also because I love getting 'lost' in new places. 

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